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Most of us get stuck in daily routines and forget to appreciate the everyday, small moments that make life special. Photography makes you view the world with new eyes, realising the ubiquitous beauty that often is missed or ignored because you don't have the time to notice it. Capturing these fleeting instances in photographs makes them permanent and never to be left forgotten, which to me, is the essence of photography.


I primarily started shooting nature and wildlife as a hobby and shortly found myself enjoying photographing people. This developed into bookings for portraits and weddings, and even product photography. Regardles of niche, I have found photography in all it's shapes and forms stimulating, and irrespective of the type of challenge presented, I always aim to catch the genuine feeling, presence and character of my subject while still catering to my client's wishes.


If you have any inquiries regarding my work or wish to book me for a session please do not hesitate to drop me a line. I am currently based in Stockholm but often find myself on the road and could possibly be in a town near you. For current updates on travel have a look under the Stories tab :)


Looking forward to hearing from you.